zarzis oil services

We are engaged in design and manufacturing of electrical power equipment, and mechanical equipment for oil field drilling rigs and refineries such as:
SCR Drive
system and power package and parts
Rig up power Generator Houses
Mud tank System and drilling mud product
Engine/Generator/ and fuel Annunciators
AC/DC Motor Junction Boxes
Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
Explosion proof Start Stop Unit
DC Motor blower
Motor Control Centre
VFD, Variable Frequency Drive
Electric Control Panels
Engine House
Mechanical Equipment for Drilling Rigs
AC / DC Motor
Rig Lights
Parts / Westinghouse/
Cutler Hammer/ Allen Bradley/
Pyle National/ GE.
Parts / Caterpillars /siemens/
Crouse Hinds/
Baylor Brake/Appleton.
Rig Camp
Verity types of pipe lines
Electrical cables
parts and
equipments for
oil field drilling rigs can be provided.
Our company offers
services and training which include the following:
Repair AC/DC module for SCR system
Start up of SCR power System
Rig up of complete electric rigs
Repair SCR/PLC drive system
Rig up of mud system
SCR / PLC Training school
PLC Training school
Caterpillar Engine
Kato Generator
Atlas Copco Compressor
(All Training can be provided in English or French or Arabic)
If you find some product interesting please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are more than happy to quote you in any items.

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