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Multimasz company is a polish leading seller of electromagnetic as well as hydraulic and mechanical clutches and brakes for machine tools. We offer more than 50 000 clutches and brakes of the most significant brands: Ema Dessau, Stromag, ZF, Ortlinghaus, Fumo, Heid, PSP Pohony, Telcomec, Binder Magnete, Ema Elfa, HCP Cegielski. It is worth to be mentioned that we also have the spare parts for the clutches – plates, levers, drivers, coils, brushes, brush inserts, complete brush-holders for wet and dry operation. The range of our activity includes also matching the appropriate replacements for the clutches and brakes that are no longer in production and moreover we deal with the inspection, repair and renewal of the old ones. We ship the goods all around the world and we are available 24h, 7 days a week. For the full list of the offered components, please visit our website. You dont have to know the exact type of requested clutch / brake; pictures and dimensions are pretty enough for our technicians to identify the right product. Send us your inquiry and we will do our best to match the most suitable parts for your machine.

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Multimasz company offers:

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes, mechanical clutches and brakes, hydraulic clutches (Ema Dessau, Stromag, Fumo, ZF, Heid, Ortlinghaus, PSP Pohony, Telcomec, Ema Elfa, Binder Magnete, HCP Cegielski),
Spare parts for clutches (levers, drivers, coils, brushes, brush inserts, complete brush-holders for wet and dry operation),
Repair and cosmetics of used clutches.

Furthermore in our offer you will find also:

New machine tools:
milling machines (under the WMW HECKERT licence), drilling machines, drilling & milling machines, grinding machines, lathes, band saws for metal;

Machine tools after complete regeneration:
lathes, milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, shears, presses, slotting machines, bending machines and other machine tools.

For more information, please visit our website and contact us directly.
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